Christine Valmy - The Legend!

With persistence, innovation and commitment, Christine Valmy has dedicated the past 50 years to educating estheticians and changing the way people approach skin care throughout the world. Ms. Valmy has, in fact, revolutionized the skin care profession in the United States by originating the field of esthetics. This act led the 92nd Congress of the United States to award her a citation for her work in training upcoming estheticians and establishing a new profession with countless job opportunities. In 1985, Ms. Valmy was appointed to the United States National Council on Vocational Education to assist in the development of the country's policies of vocational education. With these and numerous other international and national achievements, Christine Valmy has earned the undisputed reputation as the worldwide authority in her field. Her success is not only a personal one, but also a national one because she is an integral part of the creation and history of scientific skin care as it exists in the United States today.

Christine Valmy's philosophy has always been to reveal the natural beauty of the skin by developing skin care products and techniques that enhance the biological functions of the skin and augment its long-term beauty and health. Christine Valmy products do not cover or conceal problems - instead they strive to promote enduring improvements to skin health so that it will radiate with its own true beauty.

The Company ... Behind The Scenes 

Christine Valmy schools and product lines are recognized around the world for excellence. Today Christine Valmy's vision remains as vital as ever. Her daughter, Marina Valmy, shares her mother's passion for skin care and is positioning the company for continued excellence with each generation. With the support of its dedicated professional staff, the Christine Valmy company is taking natural beauty products and education to exciting new levels.

The Christine Valmy laboratory has spent years perfecting their products and bears the esteemed reputation of several generations of experience in all natural skin care product development and innovation. Combining ingredients from age-old traditions of Ayurveda (from India), and ancient China, with 21st century elements and techniques, Christine Valmy produces the most advanced, cutting edge, cosmoceuticals possible today. There are no other products available anywhere that can begin to compare with these wonderful formulations. Because they are based on holistic and homeopathic principles, they truly improve the skin and help even the most problem skin to become the best that is possibly can.