BYOGENIC ® LINE - Esthetician Treatment Line

Developed to be the ultimate resource for skin care treatments, the Byogenic® Line combines all natural active ingredients to treat a diversity of skin types. It offer extensive acne skin preparations, solutions to counteract oily skin problems, maintain proper moisture balance in dehydrated skin, nourish dry skin and protect all skin types from adverse environmental conditions. A true work horse of a treatment line, it allows the esthetician to perform the highest quality facial treatment at a cost effective price.

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Which is Your Skin?

Oily Skin... is like the peel of an orange.

  • Large, visible pores
  • Make-up disappears into skin
  • Blackheads and breakouts appear frequently
  • Skin has a sheen shortly after cleansing
Recommended Products:  Pimple & Blemish Soap, Valnel, Make-up Remover, Cream II

Dry Skin... is like a dry leaf: cracking & lifeless.
  • Skin seems to lack luster
  • Expression lines are pronounced
  • The texture feels rough and tight to the touch
  • Skin is thin, veins and capillaries are visible
Recommended Products:  Valcream Soap, Valnel, Make-up Remover, Valnuit

Dehydrated Skin... is like a wilted flower lacking water.
  • Inconsistencies is skin's condition; one day oily, one day dry, the next day looking good
  • Fine lines form on the skin's surface
  • Patchiness or flakiness
  • Make-up does not apply evenly to the skin
Recommended Products: Valcream Soap, Valnel, Make-up Remover, Valmarina